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New Editions Week 30

Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
 New Admiralty Charts published 28 July 2016
1155 Yueqing Wan 28-Jul-16
8251 Port Approach Guide Casablanca and Mohammadia 28-Jul-16
8252 Port Approach Guide Harlingen (Netherlands) 28-Jul-16
 New Editions of Admiralty Charts published 28 July 2016
151 Port of Marseille 28-Jul-16
1269 Khowr-e Musa 28-Jul-16
1820 Aran Islands to Roonah Head 28-Jul-16
1879 Rathlin O’Birne Island to Aran Island 28-Jul-16
2161 Ports in the Gulf of Tartary and on Ostrov Sakhalin 28-Jul-16
2349 Baie de Douarnenez 28-Jul-16
2420 Artan Islands to Broad Haven Bay 28-Jul-16
2703 Broad Haven Bay and Approaches 28-Jul-16
2707 Kingstown Bay to Cleggan Bay and Inishbofin to Inishturk 28-Jul-16
2708 Bal;lyconneely Bay to Clifden Bay inc. Slyne Head 28-Jul-16
2725 Blacksod Bay to Tory Island 28-Jul-16
3069 La Garonne – Bec D’Ambes to Bordeux 28-Jul-16
3428 Brest 28-Jul-16
3695 Dalian 28-Jul-16
4463 North Balabac Strait 28-Jul-16
AUS0032 Cambridge Gulf 28-Jul-16
NZ0661 Approaches to Otago Harbour 28-Jul-16
NZ5571 Poverty Bay and Approaches to Gisborne 28-Jul-16
 New Admiralty Publications published 28 July 2016
NP086 Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume N 2016/17 2016/17
 New Admiralty Charts to be published 11 August 2016
3938 Fangcheng Gang (Replaces Chart  41) 11-Aug-16
3939 Beihai Gang (Replaces Chart 41) 11-Aug-16
8255 Port Approach Guide Charleston 11-Aug-16
 New Editions of Admiralty Charts to be published 11 August 2016
689 Entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia 11-Aug-16
792 Sungai Manjung (Sungai Dinding) and Approaches 11-Aug-16
864 Havringe to Landsort 11-Aug-16
869 Hunnebostrand to Uddevalla and Gullholmen 11-Aug-16
870 Gullholmen to Stenungsund and Marstrand 11-Aug-16
963 Ports on the North Coast of Sicilia 11-Aug-16
973 Approaches to Augusta and Siracusa 11-Aug-16
1596 Peiraias 11-Aug-16
2108 Kattegat – Southern Part 11-Aug-16
2857 Ronneby to Utlangan 11-Aug-16
3584 Ports on the North East Coast of Sumatera 11-Aug-16
4782 Saint-Laurent/St.Lawrence River, Ile du Bic au/to Cap de la Tete au Chien 11-Aug-16
8114 Port Approach Guide Zhuhai Gang Gaolan Gangqu 11-Aug-16