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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due

 New Admiralty Charts published 08 September 2016

2416 Luoyuan Wan 08-Sep-16  
8261 Port Approach Guide Açu 08-Sep-16  
8271 Port Approach Guide Lerwick 08-Sep-16  

Reproductions of Australia Government Charts


AUS 163 Port of Burnie 12-Aug-16  
JP 101A Kobe 01-Sep-16  

New Editions of Admiralty Charts published 08 September 2016


412 Conakry and Approaches 08-Sep-16  
929 Horsens Fjord 08-Sep-16  
1185 River Thames Sea Reach 08-Sep-16  
1423 Terschelling to Esbjerg 08-Sep-16  
2596 Storebælt – Northern Part 08-Sep-16  
2978 Caño de San Carlos to Punta de la Lisa 08-Sep-16  
4737 Cape St Mary’s to/à Argentina Harbour and/et Jude Island 08-Sep-16  
4755 Bedford Basin 08-Sep-16  

 New Admiralty Publications published 08 September 2016


NP40 & e-NP40 ADMIRALTY Sailing Direction 08-Sep-16  

 New Admiralty Charts to be published 22 September 2016


237 Taşlik Burnu to Anamur Burnu   22-Sep-16
593 Approaches to Guadeloupe   22-Sep-16
776 Cape Limniti to Stazousa Point   22-Sep-16
796 Cape Elœa and Stazousa Point to Cape Andreas   22-Sep-16
802 Mälaren Western Part   22-Sep-16
810 Malaren Easten Part   22-Sep-16
847 Norrköping and Approaches   22-Sep-16
940 Smålandsfarvandet South-East Part   22-Sep-16
1090 Ports in the Gulf of Finland   22-Sep-16
1699 Nouadhibou   22-Sep-16
3044 Vladivostok   22-Sep-16
3500 Oslofjorden – Southern Part   22-Sep-16
3509 Oslo Havn   22-Sep-16
3769 Moss Havn   22-Sep-16

 New Editions of Admiralty Charts to be published 22 September 2016


AUS 683 Plans on East Coast Bougainville Island           22-Sep-16
JP 101B Western Part of Kobe     22-Sep-16