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New Editions Week 37/2016

Chart & Publications Title Edition Due

 New Admiralty Charts published 15 September 2016

3923 North West Papua and Adjacent Islands 15-Sep-16
8175 Tuas View to Pasir Panjang Terminal including Jurong Channels 15-Sep-16
8176 Sinki Fairway to Southern Fairway 15-Sep-16
8177 Southern Fairway to Changi 15-Sep-16
8264 Port Approach Guide Port Talbot and Swansea 15-Sep-16



New Editions of Admiralty Charts published 15 September 2016


1498 Puerto La Cruz and Approaches 15-Sep-16
1554 Nótios Evvoïkós Kólpos 15-Sep-16

 New Admiralty Charts published 29 September 2016


8270 Port Approach Guide Warrenpoint and Greenore 29-Sep-16
8272 Port Approach Guide Peterhead 29-Sep-16

 New Admiralty Charts to be published 29 September 2016


112 Terschellinger Gronden to Harlingen 29-Sep-16
1157 Pasaia (Pasajes) and Approaches 29-Sep-16
2074 Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus 29-Sep-16
2376 Kao-Hsiung 29-Sep-16
2632 Anamur Burnu to Al Lādhiqīyah 29-Sep-16
2633 Al Lādhiqīyah to Sour and Famagusta 29-Sep-16
2743 Approaches to La Rochelle 29-Sep-16
2986 Approaches to La Loire 29-Sep-16
2999 Pointe du Grouin du Cou to Pointe de Chassiron 29-Sep-16
3000 La Rochelle to Pointe de la Coubre (including Ile D’Oléron 29-Sep-16
3506 Arendal Havn and Approaches 29-Sep-16
3562 Oslo to Spro including Bunnefjorden 29-Sep-16
3697 Dalian Gang and Approaches 29-Sep-16

 Admiralty Charts Independently Withdrawn


1416 Anchorages on the North West Coast of New Guinea No Replacement