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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due

New Editions of Admiralty Charts published 22 September 2016


237 Taşlik Burnu to Anamur Burnu 22-Sep-16
593 Approaches to Guadeloupe 22-Sep-16
776 Cape Limniti to Stazousa Point 22-Sep-16
796 Cape Eloea and Stazousa Point to Cape Andreas 22-Sep-16
802 Sweden – East Coast, Mälaren Western Part 22-Sep-16
810 Sweden – East Coast, Mälaren Eastern Part 22-Sep-16
847 Norrköping and Approaches 22-Sep-16
940 Smålandsfarvandet South-East Part 22-Sep-16
1090 Ports in the Gulf of Finland 22-Sep-16
1699 Nouadhibou 22-Sep-16
3044 Vladivostok 22-Sep-16
3500 Oslofjorden – Southern Part 22-Sep-16
3509 Oslo Havn 22-Sep-16
3769 Moss Havn 22-Sep-16

 New Admiralty Charts published 06 October 2016


8263 Port Approach Guide Cardiff, Barry and Newport.  06-Oct-16
8273 Port Approach Guide Map Ta Phut Industrial Port and Sattahip Commercial Port  06-Oct-16

 New Editions of Admiralty Charts to be published 06 October 2016


246 International Chart Series, Turkey – South East Coast, İskenderun Körfezi 06-Oct-16
247 İskenderun Körfezi Northern Terminals 06-Oct-16
911 Malmö and Limhamn 06-Oct-16
1009 Approaches to Luleå 06-Oct-16
1635 Borkum to Neuwerk and Helgoland 06-Oct-16
1722 Eastern Approaches To Xinghua Wan 06-Oct-16
2104 İskenderun to Yakacik 06-Oct-16
2419 Outer Approaches to Songxia Gang and Minjiang Kou. 06-Oct-16
2580 Sheffield Island to Execution Rocks 06-Oct-16
3204 New York – Lower Bay and Approaches. 06-Oct-16
3458 New York Raritan Bay to Arthur Kill 06-Oct-16
3459 New York Lower Bay 06-Oct-16
3619 The Elbe Scharhörn Riff to Medemgrund 06-Oct-16
3852 Pensacola Bay to Tampa Bay 06-Oct-16

 Admiralty Charts Independently Withdrawn


237 Taşlik Burnu to Anamur Burnu
593 Approaches to Guadeloupe
776 Cape Limniti to Stazousa Point
796 Cape Eloea and Stazousa Point to Cape Andreas
802 Mälaren Western Part
810 Mälaren Eastern Part
847 Norrköping and Approaches
940 Smålandsfarvandet South-East Part
1090 Ports in the Gulf of Finland
1699 Nouadhibou
3044 Vladivostok
3500 Oslofjorden – Southern Part
3509 Oslo Havn
3769 Moss Havn
AUS 683 Bougainville Island
JP 101B Western Part of Kobe