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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 21st October 2021


562 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Spain – East Coast, Valencia. 21/10/2021
1306 China – East Coast, Zhoushan Qundao, Huaniao Shan to Sanxing Shan. 21/10/2021
1608 Aegean Sea, Approaches to Çanakkale Boğazi (The Dardanelles).

A Bozcaada.

B Akçansa Cement Pier

1760 Taiwan Strait, Southern Part. 21/10/2021
1851 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Spain – South Coast, Málaga. 21/10/2021
2409 Taiwan – West Coast, Kaohsiung Kang to Fang-Yüan Po-Ti including P’eng-Hu Ch’Ün-Tao. 21/10/2021
3231 Taiwan – West Coast, Hai-K’ou P’o-Ti to Chiu-Kang P’o-Ti. Mai-Liao and Approaches. 21/10/2021
4124 Hong Kong, China, Deep Bay. 21/10/2021

ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 21st October 2021


NP281(1) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Maritime Radio Stations Europe, Africa and Asia (excluding the Far East) Volume 1(1) 2nd Edition (2021). 21/10/2021

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 4th November 2021


1728 China – Gulf of Tonkin, Approaches to Beihai Gang and Tieshan Gangqu. 4/11/2021
3175  International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates and Iran, Jazīrat Al Ḩamra’ to Dubai (Dubayy) and Jazīreh-Ye Sirrī. 4/11/2021
3176 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, ‘Ajmān to Şīr Abū Nu‘Ayr. 4/11/2021
3412 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Ḩamrīyah to Mīnā’ Seyaha. 4/11/2021
3414 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Dubai (Dubayy) and Approaches. 4/11/2021
3739 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali (Mīnā’ Jabal ‘Ālī) and Approaches. 4/11/2021

ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts to be Published 4th November 2021



Leisure Folios – Notice of Change


From the 28th October 2021, Leisure folios will be withdrawn in the current folio format and their replacements will be announced over the following 6 weeks as Small Craft Charts. Between Weeks 43/21 and 48/21, the new Small Craft Charts will be released in batches of around 60 to 90 charts and will result in the current folios being withdrawn for the market. From Week 04/22, folios will no longer be available to buy, and all new Small Craft Sheets will be available to order via the POD service. Our Website will be updated to reflect this change and contain all additional information.


SC5609 North West Wales including Menai Strait.

5609_1 Saint George’s Channel and Irish Sea, Southern Part.

5609_2 A Aberystwyth to Barmouth.

B Aberystwyth.

5609_3 Saint Tudwal’s Roads and Mochras Lagoon. –

A Saint Tudwal’s Roads.

B Mochras Lagoon.

5609_4 Barmouth to Abersoch.

5609_5 A Caernarfon Bay.

B Porth Dinllaen.

5609_6 Lleyn Peninsula – Western Part.

5609_7 Plans in the Northern Part of Cardigan Bay. –

A Approaches to Porthmadog.

B Porthmadog Harbour.

C Barmouth.

D Aberdovey.

5609_8 Menai Strait – Western Part. –

A Western Entrance to Menai Strait.

B Caernarfon to Carreg Ginnog.

5609_9 Menai Strait – Eastern Part. –

A Carreg Ginnog to Bangor.

B Eastern Entrance to Menai Strait.

C The Swellies.

5609_10 Holy Island to Red Wharf Bay.

5609_11 Approaches to Holyhead.

5609_12 Holyhead Harbour.

5609_13 Red Wharf Bay to Colwyn Bay.

5609_14 Approaches to Conwy.

5609_15 Conwy, Pwllheli and The Skerries. –

A Conwy.

B Pwllheli.

C The Skerries.

SC5621 Ireland – East Coast, Carlingford Lough to Waterford.

5621_1 Dublin to Anglesey.

5621_2 Waterford to Saint David’s Head.

5621_3 Drogheda to Carlingford Lough.

5621_4 A Skerries Islands.

B Rogerstown Inlet.

C Malahide Inlet.

5621_5 Dublin to Drogheda Approaches.

5621_6 A Carlingford Lough Southern Part.

B Kilkeel Harbour.

5621_7 Wicklow Head to Ben of Howth.

5621_8 A Carlingford Lough Northern Part.

B Entrance of Carlingford Lough.

5621_9 Cahore Point to Wicklow Head.

5621_10 A Dublin Bay Northern Part.

B Howth.

5621_11 Carnsore Point to Cahore Point.

5621_12 A Dublin Bay Southern Part.

B Port of Dublin.

5621_13 Harbours on the East Coast of Ireland. – A Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

B Wicklow.

C Arklow.

5621_14 Dunabrattin Head to Tuskar Rock.

5621_15 A Wexford and Rosslare.

B Rosslare Europort.

C Waterford.

5621_16 Saltee Islands.

5621_17 A Entrance to Waterford Harbour.

B Dunmore East Harbour.

5621_18 Irish Sea and Saint George’s Channel.

SC5622 Ireland – South Coast, Waterford to Kinsale.

5622_1 Tuskar Rock to The Bull. 1:500,000

5622_2 Waterford Harbour to Ballycotton Bay. 1:150,000 5622_3 A Entrance to Waterford Harbour. 1:25,000

B Dunmore East Harbour. 1:5,000

5622_4 A Passage East to Beacon Quay and Pink Point. 1:25,000

B Continuation of River Barrow to New Ross.

C Continuation of Queen’s Channel to Waterford.

D New Ross.

5622_5 Dungarvan Harbour.

5622_6 Youghal.

5622_7 Ballycotton Bay to Glandore Bay.

5622_8 The Sound and Ringabella Bay.

5622_9 Outer Approaches to Cork Harbour.

5622_10 The Sound to Spike Island.

5622_11 Cobh Road and West Passage.

5622_12 A Upper Harbour West.

B Continuation of River Lee to Cork.

5622_13 Upper Harbour East.

5622_14 Morris Head to Old Head of Kinsale.

5622_15 Oyster Haven.

5622_16 Kinsale.

SC5623 Ireland – South West Coast, Bantry Bay to Kinsale.

5623_1 The Bull to Tuskar Rock.

5623_2 The Bull to Glandore Harbour.

5623_3 Glandore Bay to Ballycotton Bay.

5623_4 Upper Reaches of Bantry Bay.

5623_5 Bantry Bay Central Part.

5623_6 Harbours and Anchorages in South West Ireland. – A Castletown Bearhaven.

B Dunbeacon Harbour.

C Kitchen Cove.

D Dunmanus Harbour.

E Glandore Harbour.

5623_7 Entrance to Bantry Bay.

5623_8 Dunmanus Bay.

5623_9 Approaches to Dunmanus Bay.

5623_10 Mizen Head and Three Castle Head.

5623_11 Crookhaven to Long Island and Cape Clear.

5623_12 Schull Harbour to Baltimore Bay.

5623_13 A Baltimore Harbour.

B Continuation of The Sound.

5623_14 Baltimore Harbour to Castlehaven.

5623_15 Toe Head to Clonakilty Bay.

5623_16 A Courtmacsherry Bay.

B Continuation of Argideen River.

5623_17 Kinsale.

5623_18 Clonakilty Bay to Old Head of Kinsale.