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Title Due
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 26th October 2023
689 International Chart Series, Gulf of Bothnia, Entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia. 26/10/2023
891 International Chart Series, Sweden – East Coast, Bjorn to Lggon. Continuation at same scale. 26/10/2023
2073 International Chart Series, Baltic Sea Landsort to Alands Hav. 26/10/2023
3296 Indonesia and East Timor, Harbours and Passages in Timor.
a. Selat Rote
b. Approaches to Tenau and Kupang.
c. Outer Approaches to Dili.
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts to be Published 26th October 2023
5617_10 Entrance to Inverness Firth. 26/10/2023
5620_8 Wales – West Coast, Ramsey Sound and Jack Sound.
A Ramsay Sound.
B Jack Sound.
5620_15 Approaches to Tenby and Saundersfoot. 26/10/2023
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 26th October 2023
NP66B & e-NP66B ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions North-West Coast of Scotland Pilot 3rd Edition (2023) 26/10/2023
NP80 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume G 4th Edition 2023 Western Side of South Atlantic Ocean and East Pacific Ocean From Cabo Orange to Point Barrow and Hawaiian Islands 26/10/2023
NP286(5) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations North America, Canada and Greenland Volume 6(5) 4th Edition (2023). 26/10/2023
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 9th November 2023
566 Brazil – South Coast, Baia de Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi) 09/11/2023
2096 Ireland – West Coast, Cashla Bay to Kilkieran Bay.
A Continuation of Kilkieran Bay.
B Rossaveel.
2148 France – North Coast, Approaches to Fécamp and Dieppe. 09/11/2023
2822 International Chart Series, France – West Coast, Ile de Groix to Belle-Ile. 09/11/2023
3924 Indonesia, Papua – North Coast, Tanjung Memori to Tanjung Rainbawi. 09/11/2023
4129 China – Hong Kong, South Western Approaches. 09/11/2023
4788 Canada, Québec/Quebec, Fleuve Saint Laurent/St Lawrence River, Donnacona à/to Batiscan. Portneuf. 09/11/2023