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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 4th November 2021


1728 China – Gulf of Tonkin, Approaches to Beihai Gang and Tieshan Gangqu. 04/11/2021
3175 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates and Iran, Jazirat Al Hamra’ to Dubai (Dubayy) and Jazireh-Ye Sirri. 04/11/2021
3176 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Ajman to Sir Abu Nu’Ayr. 04/11/2021
3412 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Hamriyah to Mina Seyaha. 04/11/2021
3414 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Dubai (Dubayy) and Approaches. 04/11/2021
3739 International Chart Series, United Arab Emirates, Jebel Ali (Mina Jabal Ali) and Approaches. 04/11/2021

ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts to be Published 4th November 2021


SC5609 North West Wales including Menai Strait.

5609_1 Saint George’s Channel and Irish Sea, Southern Part.

5609_2 A Aberystwyth to Barmouth.

B Aberystwyth.

5609_3 Saint Tudwal’s Roads and Mochras Lagoon.

A Saint Tudwal’s Roads.

B Mochras Lagoon.

5609_4 Barmouth to Abersoch.

5609_5 A Caernarfon Bay.

B Porth Dinllaen.

5609_6 Lleyn Peninsula – Western Part.

5609_7 Plans in the Northern Part of Cardigan Bay.

A Approaches to Porthmadog. 1:25,000

B Porthmadog Harbour.

C Barmouth.

D Aberdovey.

5609_8 Menai Strait – Western Part.

A Western Entrance to Menai Strait.

B Caernarfon to Carreg Ginnog.

5609_9 Menai Strait – Eastern Part.

A Carreg Ginnog to Bangor.

B Eastern Entrance to Menai Strait.

C The Swellies.

5609_10 Holy Island to Red Wharf Bay.

5609_11 Approaches to Holyhead.

5609_12 Holyhead Harbour.

5609_13 Red Wharf Bay to Colwyn Bay.

5609_14 Approaches to Conwy.

5609_15 Conwy, Pwllheli and The Skerries.

A Conwy.

B Pwllheli.

C The Skerries.

SC5621 Ireland – East Coast, Carlingford Lough to Waterford.

5621_1 Dublin to Anglesey.

5621_2 Waterford to Saint David’s Head.

5621_3 Drogheda to Carlingford Lough.

5621_4 A Skerries Islands.

B Rogerstown Inlet.

C Malahide Inlet.

5621_5 Dublin to Drogheda Approaches.

5621_6 A Carlingford Lough Southern Part.

B Kilkeel Harbour.

5621_7 Wicklow Head to Ben of Howth.

5621_8 A Carlingford Lough Northern Part.

B Entrance of Carlingford Lough.

5621_9 Cahore Point to Wicklow Head.

5621_10 A Dublin Bay Northern Part.

B Howth.

5621_11 Carnsore Point to Cahore Point.

5621_12 A Dublin Bay Southern Part.

B Port of Dublin.

5621_13 Harbours on the East Coast of Ireland. – A Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

B Wicklow.

C Arklow.

5621_14 Dunabrattin Head to Tuskar Rock.

5621_15 A Wexford and Rosslare.

B Rosslare Europort.

C Waterford.

5621_16 Saltee Islands.

5621_17 A Entrance to Waterford Harbour.

B Dunmore East Harbour.

5621_18 Irish Sea and Saint George’s Channel.

SC5622 Ireland – South Coast, Waterford to Kinsale.

5622_1 Tuskar Rock to The Bull.

5622_2 Waterford Harbour to Ballycotton Bay.

5622_3 A Entrance to Waterford Harbour.

B Dunmore East Harbour.

5622_4 A Passage East to Beacon Quay and Pink Point.

B Continuation of River Barrow to New Ross.

C Continuation of Queen’s Channel to Waterford.

D New Ross.

5622_5 Dungarvan Harbour.

5622_6 Youghal.

5622_7 Ballycotton Bay to Glandore Bay.

5622_8 The Sound and Ringabella Bay.

5622_9 Outer Approaches to Cork Harbour.

5622_10 The Sound to Spike Island.

5622_11 Cobh Road and West Passage.

5622_12 A Upper Harbour West.

B Continuation of River Lee to Cork.

5622_13 Upper Harbour East.

5622_14 Morris Head to Old Head of Kinsale.

5622_15 Oyster Haven.

5622_16 Kinsale.

SC5623 Ireland – South West Coast, Bantry Bay to Kinsale.

5623_1 The Bull to Tuskar Rock.

5623_2 The Bull to Glandore Harbour.

5623_3 Glandore Bay to Ballycotton Bay.

5623_4 Upper Reaches of Bantry Bay.

5623_5 Bantry Bay Central Part.

5623_6 Harbours and Anchorages in South West Ireland. – A Castletown Bearhaven.

B Dunbeacon Harbour.

C Kitchen Cove.

D Dunmanus Harbour.

E Glandore Harbour.

5623_7 Entrance to Bantry Bay.

5623_8 Dunmanus Bay.

5623_9 Approaches to Dunmanus Bay.

5623_10 Mizen Head and Three Castle Head.

5623_11 Crookhaven to Long Island and Cape Clear.

5623_12 Schull Harbour to Baltimore Bay.

5623_13 A Baltimore Harbour.

B Continuation of The Sound.

5623_14 Baltimore Harbour to Castlehaven.

5623_15 Toe Head to Clonakilty Bay.

5623_16 A Courtmacsherry Bay.

B Continuation of Argideen River.

5623_17 Kinsale.

5623_18 Clonakilty Bay to Old Head of Kinsale.


New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 18th November 2021


1259 Korea – South Coast, Busan and Masan.

A Masan.

B Busan.

2710 North America – East Coast, Delaware Bay to Straits of Florida. 18/11/2021
4407 North Atlantic Ocean, Trinidad to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. 18/11/2021
4522 North Pacific Ocean, Mys Lopatka to the Chinook Trough. 18/11/2021
Q6112 Maritime Security Chart Karachi to Hong Kong. 18/11/2021
Q6113 Maritime Security Chart Singapore to Papua New Guinea. 18/11/2021

ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts to be Published 18th November 2021


SC5602 The West Country, Falmouth to Teignmouth.

5602_1 The West Country and Approaches.

5602_2 A Helford River to Fowey.

B Mevagissey.

5602_3 A River Fal Saint Just Pool to Truro River.

B Continuation of Truro River.

C Continuation of Tresillian River.

D Continuation of Carnon River.

5602_4 A Fowey to Plymouth.

B Polperro.

5602_5 A Falmouth Harbour.

B Upper Reaches of the Percuil River.

C Penryn Harbour.

5602_6 A Plymouth to Salcombe.

B Torquay.

C Eddystone Rocks.

5602_7 A Fowey Harbour.

B River Fowey Mixtow to Saint Winnow.

C Continuation of River Fowey Saint Winnow to Lostwithiel.

5602_8 A Salcombe to Teignmouth.

B Brixham.

C Teignmouth.

5602_9 A Dartmouth.

B River Dart Higher Noss Point to Blackness Point.

5602_10 Approaches to the River Dart.

5602_11 Approaches to Salcombe.

5602_12 A Salcombe Harbour.

B Salcombe.

5602_13 Outer Approaches to Plymouth.

5602_14 Plymouth Sound.

5602_15 A Plymouth Sound Northeastern Part.

B River Tavy.

5602_16 Drake Channel to Hamoaze.

5602_17 A Hamoaze.

B River Lynher.

5602_18 Upper Reaches of River Dart River Yealm and Looe.

A River Dart, Blackness Point to Totnes.

B River Yealm.

C Looe.

5602_19 A River Tamar Bull Point to Neal Point.

B Neal Point to Halton Quay.

C Halton Quay to Cotehele Quay.

D Cotehele Quay to Calstock.

5602_20 A Helford River.

B Helford River Continuation to Gweek.

C Continuation of River Fal. (Ruan Creek)

SC5605 Chichester to Ramsgate and Calais to Oostende.

5605_1 A Western Approaches to Dover Strait.

B Northern Approaches to Dover Strait.

5605_2 Dover to Calais.

5605_3 Chichester to Worthing.

5605_4 A Worthing to Newhaven.

B Shoreham Harbour Western Arm and River Adur.

5605_5 A Newhaven to Hastings.

B Sovereign Harbour.

5605_6 A Hastings to Dungeness.

B Rye.

5605_7 Dungeness to South Foreland.

5605_8 Dover to Deal.

5605_9 Deal to Ramsgate.

5605_10 Calais to Dunkerque.

5605_11 France and Belgium, Dunkerque to Blankenberge.

5605_12 Ports in France and Belgium.

A France, North Coast Calais.

B France, North Coast Gravelines.

C France, North Coast Dunkerque.

D Belgium, Nieuwpoort.

E Belgium, Oostende.

5605_13 A Newhaven Harbour.

B Littlehampton Harbour.

C Brighton Marina.

D Folkestone Harbour.

5605_14 A Dover.

B Shoreham Harbour Eastern Arm.

C Shoreham Harbour The Canal.

5605_15 Ramsgate and Approaches.

A Approaches to Ramsgate.

B Ramsgate.

SC5607 Thames Estuary, Essex and Suffolk Coast.

5607_1 Orford Ness to Oostende.

5607_2 Foulness Point to Landguard Point.

5607_3 Outer Approaches to the River Blackwater.

5607_4 Southern Approaches to Harwich.

5607_5 Harwich to Orford Ness.

5607_6 A Approaches to Harwich and Woodbridge Haven.

B Continuation of River Deben.

5607_7 Rivers Stour and Orwell. – A River Stour.

B River Orwell.

C Ipswich.

5607_8 A Rivers Ore and Alde.

B Orford Haven and Approaches.

5607_9 Approaches to Mersea Island and Brightlingsea.

5607_10 Harbours on the East Coast.

A River Colne.

B Colchester Quays.

C Brightlingsea.

D West Mersea.

5607_11 A River Blackwater Bradwell to Maldon.

B Bradwell.

C Tollesbury.

D Maldon.

5607_12 A Rivers Crouch and Roach.

B Continuation of the River Roach.

5607_13 A Continuation of River Crouch.

B Burnham-on-Crouch.

C Entrance to Walton Backwaters.

D Continuation to Battlesbridge.

5607_14 A Walton Backwaters.

B Continuation of Landermere Creek.

SC5615 East Coast Whitby to Edinburgh.

5615_1 Whitby to Blyth.

5615_2 Blyth to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

5615_3 Saint Abb’s Head to Buddon Ness.

5615_4 A Whitby to Hartlepool.

B Runswick Bay.

5615_5 A Hartlepool to Tynemouth.

B Seaham.

5615_6 Tynemouth to Amble.

5615_7 Amble to Farne Islands.

5615_8 A Holy Island to Saint Abb’s Head.

B Eyemouth Harbour.

5615_9 Saint Abb’s Head to Fife Ness.

5615_10 Firth of Forth Dunbar to Isle of May.

5615_11 Firth of Forth North Berwick to Methil.

5615_12 Firth of Forth Approaches to Edinburgh.

5615_13 Firth of Forth Granton to Hawkcraig Point.

5615_14 Firth of Forth Hawkcraig Point to Hound Point.

5615_15 River Forth Hound Point to Rosyth.

5615_16 River Forth Rosyth to Bo’Ness.

5615_17 A River Forth Grangemouth Roads.

B River Forth – Grangemouth and River Carron.

C River Forth River Carron.

5615_18 A Whitby Harbour.

B Hartlepool.

C Sunderland.

5615_19 A Approaches to Blyth.

B Blyth.

C Entrance to River Tees.

5615_20 A Entrance to River Tyne.

B Warkworth Harbour.

5615_21 A River Tyne Royal Quays to Willington Quay.

B River Tyne Willington Quay to Wincomblee.

C River Tyne Wincomblee to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

5615_22 A Farne Islands to Holy Island.

B North Sunderland Harbour.

5615_23 Whitby to Edinburgh.


ADMIRALTY Chart Independently Withdrawn


2955 International Chart Series, Iceland – North Coast, Akureyri. 04/11/2021