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Chart & Publications Title Edition Due
New ADMIRALTY Charts published 29 November 2018
3325 International Chart Series, Africa – West Coast, Estuaire du Gabon. Port d’Owendo. Port de Libreville. 29/11/2018
Reproductions of Indian Government Charts
IN216 India – West Coast, Belekeri to Kundāpura. 15/06/2018
IN217 India – West Coast, Kundāpura to Kāsaragod. 15/06/2018
IN258 International Chart Series, India – West Coast, Kundāpura to Badagara. 15/01/2015
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 29 November 2018
66 Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia and Thailand, Tumpat to Laem Chong Phra. 29/11/2018
522 Central America – East Coast – Belize, Belize City and Approaches. 29/11/2018
1594 England – East Coast, River Stour, Erwarton Ness to Manningtree.
Continuation to Manningtree on the same scale.
2056 Indonesia, Sumatera and Jawa, Selat Sunda and Approaches including Selat Panaitan. Selat Panaitan. 29/11/2018
2243 Black Sea – Ukraine, Odesa, Chornomors’k and Approaches. Odesa. Chornomors’k. Approaches to Chornomors’k. 29/11/2018
2470 Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore Strait to Selat Sunda, including Java Sea. 29/11/2018
2862 Indonesia, Outer Approaches to Selat Sunda. 29/11/2018
3302 Sea of Azov – Ukraine, Approaches to Berdyans’k.
3961 Gulf of Thailand, Tumpat to Songkhla.
Thailand, Songkhla.
4920 Canada – United States – West Coast, British Columbia/Colombie – Britannique, Juan de Fuca Strait to/à Dixon Entrance. 29/11/2018
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 29 November 2018
NP81 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume H 2018/19 Northern and Eastern Coasts of Canada, Including River Saint Lawrence and Saint Lawrence Seaway. 29/11/2018
NP208-19 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, South East Atlantic Ocean, West Africa and Mediterranean (Including Tidal Stream Tables). 2019 Edition. 29/11/2018
NP281(2) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Maritime Radio Stations. The Americas, Far East and Oceania. 2018/19 Edition. 29/11/2018
Reproductions of German Government Charts
DE4 International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany, River Weser, Robbenplate to Reiherplate. Reiherplate to Brake. Bremerhaven. 13/12/2018
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 13th December 2018
566 Brazil – South Coast, Baía de Guanabara (Rio de Janeiro and Niterói). 13/12/2018
833 International Chart Series, Burma – Gulf of Martaban (Mottama), Yangon River (Rangoon River) and Approaches.
Port of Yangon (Rangoon).
913 International Chart Series, Korea – West Coast, Daeheuksan Gundo to Gyeongnyeolbi Yeoldo. 13/12/2018
1007 Korea – West Coast, Mokpo.
Mokpo Hang Myoji.
1258 Korea – West Coast, Gyeongnyeolbi Yeoldo to Daecheong Gundo. 13/12/2018
1259 Korea – South Coast, Busan and Masan. Masan. Busan. 13/12/2018
1270 International Chart Series, Korea – West Coast, Ando to Incheon Hang. Yeongheung Sudo. 13/12/2018
1546 International Chart Series, North Sea, Netherlands, Zeegat van Texel and Den Helder Roads. Den Helder. 13/12/2018
1853 South America – West Coast, Peru, Approaches to Bahía Del Callao. Puerto Callao. 13/12/2018
1934 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, River Tyne. River Tyne, Willington Quay to Saint Anthony’s Point. River Tyne, Saint Anthony’s Point to Dunston. 13/12/2018
2107 International Chart Series, Entrance to the Baltic, Kattegat Northern Part. Approaches to Frederikshavn. Skagen. Frederikshaven. 13/12/2018
2859 International Chart Series, Gulf of Rīga – Latvia, Approaches to the Port of Rīga. 13/12/2018
3188 United States – Gulf of Mexico, Texas, Houston Ship Channel, Carpenters Bayou to Houston Turning Basin. 13/12/2018
3365 International Chart Series, Korea – South West Coast, Geomundo to Daeheuksan Gundo and Jejudo. Jeju Hang. 13/12/2018
3449 China – Taiwan Strait, Approaches to Xiamen Gang. 13/12/2018
3666 International Chart Series, Korea – East Coast, Busan Hang to Jukbyeon Hang. 13/12/2018
3777 International Chart Series, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Approaches to Ad Dammām, Ra’s Tannūrah and Ra’s Al Ju’Aymah. 13/12/2018
3812 International Chart Series, Saudi Arabia, Ad Dammām and Ra’s Tannūrah. 13/12/2018
3901 Indonesia and Malaysia, Malacca Strait, Tanjung Jamboaye to Permatang Sedepa (One Fathom Bank). 13/12/2018
3928 Korea – West Coast, Approaches to Mokpo. 13/12/2018
3945 Malaysia and Indonesia, Malacca Strait, Kepulauan Sembilan to Pelabuhan Klang including Pulau Pandang and Pulau-Pulau Aruah. 13/12/2018
8124 Port Approach Guide Chang Jiang – Baoshan, Taicang and Changshu Port. Baoshan to Dongfengxi Sha. Dongfengxi Sha to Changshu Port. 13/12/2018
8125 Port Approach Guide Shanghai. 13/12/2018
8126 Port Approach Guide Chang Jiang – Inner Approaches to Shanghai. 13/12/2018
8127 Port Approach Guide Chang Jiang – Outer Approaches to Shanghai. 13/12/2018
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Leisure Folios to be Published 13th December 2018
SC5607 Thames Estuary – Essex and Suffolk Coast.
Orford Ness to Oostende.
Foulness Point to Landguard Point.
Outer Approaches to the River Blackwater.
Southern Approaches to Harwich.
Harwich to Orford Ness.
Approaches to Harwich and Woodbridge Haven.
Continuation of the River Deben.
River Stour.
River Orwell
Rivers Ore and Alde.
Orford Haven and Approaches.
Approaches to Mersea Island and Brightlingsea.
River Colne.
Colchester Quays.
West Mersea.
River Blackwater, Bradwell to Maldon.
Rivers Crouch and Roach.
Continuation of River Roach.
Continuation of River Crouch.
Entrance to Walton Backwaters.
Continuation to Battlesbridge.
Walton Backwaters.Continuation of Landermere Creek.