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New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts published 29 February 2024
183 Mediterranean Sea, Ra’s at Tin to Iskenderun.
223 Scotland – East Coast, Dunrobin Point to Buckie.
550 Brazil – Southern Coast, Approaches to Macaé.

INT 1334

International Chart Series, The Sound – Denmark, Københavns Havn.

A Northern Part.

B Southern Part.

C Inderhavnsbroen Passage Span.

D Knippelsbros Passage Span.

E Langebro og Lille Langebro Passage Span.

F F Bryggebroens Passage Spans. G Kalvebodbroens Passage Spans.

H Slusen og Sjællandsbroens Passage Span.

I Teglværksbroens Passage Span.

J Avedøreværket.

1078 Scotland – East Coast, Inverness Firth.

INT 1508

International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point.

INT 3199

International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Cap D’Antibes to Cap Ferrat including Baie Des Anges and Rade de Villefranche.

A Antibes – Port Vauban.

B Baie Des Anges Marina.

C Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

D Nice and Rade de Villefranche.

2834 Spain – Islas Baleares, Ibiza and Formentera.

A Channels between Ibiza and Formentera.

B Ibiza, San Antonio Abad.

C Ibiza.

2835 France – West Coast, Approaches to the Iles de Houat and de Hoëdic.

INT 1841

International Chart Series, France – West Coast, Entrance to La Loire Port de Saint-Nazaire.
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts published 29 February 2024
5611_12 Crinan to Luing and Loch Craignish
5611_16 Approaches to Loch Melfort.
5615_20 A Entrance to River Tyne.

B Warwick Harbour.

5615_21 A River Tyne, Royal Quays to Willington Quay. B River Tyne, Willington Quay to Wincomblee.

C River Tyne, Wincomblee to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

5621_10 A Dublin Bay, Northern Part.

B Howth.

5621_12 A Dublin Bay, Southern Part.

B Port of Dublin.

5621_13 Harbours on the East coast of Ireland.

A Dun Laoghaire.

B Wicklow.

C Arklow.

New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publication to be Published 29 February 2024
NP234(A) Cumulative List of Notices to Mariners
NP247(1) Annual Summary of Notices to Mariners
NP247(2) Annual Summary of Notices to Mariners
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 14 March 2024

INT 1471

International Chart Series, Netherlands, Noordzeekanaal including Ijmuiden, Zaandam and Amsterdam.

Part A Noordzeekanaal.

Part B Continuation Noordzeekanaal.



West Indies – Leeward Islands, Monserrat and Barbuda.

A Monserrat.

B Barbuda.

C Little Bay.


INT 1229

International Chart Series, Sweden – East Coast, Outer Approaches to Oxelösund and Norrköping.

A Slatbäken.

B Continuation of Slatbäken.

C Ettersundet.

D Stegeborg.

E Gränsösund.

F Arkö.

G Lundasund.

H Fläskösund.


INT 1777

International Chart Series, Sweden – East Coast, Väddö to Öregrund.

A Continuation at same scale.

B Öregrundsleden.

C Granön.

D Hallstavik.

E Östhammar.

F Öregrund.

G Hargshamn.


INT 1174

International Chart Series, Sweden – East Coast, Umeå and Approaches.


1252 China – Bo Hai, Liaodong Wan.
1763 China – East Coast, Wenzhou Gang.

A Wenzhou Wan.

B Wenzhou.

New Editions of Charts to be Published 14 March 2024

Reproduction of German Government charts


INT 1461

International Chart Series – North Sea, Netherlands and Germany, Entrance to River Elms.

INT 1462

International Chart Series, North Sea – Germany and Netherlands, River Ems, Dukegat to Emssperrwerk (Ems Flood Barrier).