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Shipowners, managers and operators can use a new online assessment tool to ensure their crew are competent and meet knowledge standards.

KVH Videotel has introduced a task-based competency feature to its performance management software.

This new Videotel Performance Manager feature provides a structure for task-based competency assessments of seafarers, enabling managers to evaluate their skills and knowledge and to monitor their progress as they develop these skills further.

This feature is based around the established maritime concept of taskbooks, which seafarers are already familiar with, said KVH senior vice president for EMEA Mark Woodhead. Leading owners and managers of tankers and gas carriers are already using task-based competency to improve seafarer performance and assessments.

Seafarers can use this tool to evaluate their own training requirements and focus on improvements for career development, said Mr Woodhead. Owners and managers can use this to identify where further training is required and who would be a candidate for promotion.

“Developed in partnership with the industry, task-based competency provides a flexible platform for…(Read More) Source: http://www.marinemec.com/news/view,new-release-competency-assessments-go-online_53700.htm