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General Rules for Tankers, Owned or Operating in the USA – 2021–2022 Edition, is edited and compiled from over 12,000 pages of regulations directly related to shipping, contained in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It forms an accessible source of reference of the most directly relevant regulations for the tanker industry.
Updated on a staggered basis annually, this publication contains the most up to date CFRs available in the published annual edition at the time of compilation. Because of the vast scale of regulations, this edition is compiled with a view to create an instantaneous and accessible resource of the most directly relevant regulations to those requiring them in the tanker industry, both at sea and ashore. This Publication addresses the primary CFR chapters and contains excerpts of the relevant regulations.
Specifically, this publication contains material from the following CFRs:

  • Title 33 – Navigation and Navigable Waters
  • Title 40 – Environment
  • Title 46 – Shipping

Title 49 – Transportation.