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This publication provides in-depth practical knowledge of electrical appliances associated with modern marine starter safety and control circuits. It explains and illustrates the elements of marine switchgear starters, how to take electrical measurements, and the principles of direct on line (DOL) and Star-Delta (Wye-Delta) motor starters.

As ships become increasingly automated, problems encountered with the application of automated systems, and the failures of automation and associated processor-based motor starters, may contribute to marine accidents.

Marine engineers and ETOs must have a good understanding of automated systems in order to maintain them in an efficient and safe operational condition.

This training package should be used to enhance and supplement your knowledge and skills. It will provide familiarisation with a variety of electrical appliances that are part of, or associated with, modern marine starter safety and control circuits.

Interactive circuit simulations related to this manual are also available online in eBook version at the following link: http://www.witherbyseamanship.com/motor-starters-and-controls-for-marine-gears.html

This training package will benefit:
– Management level marine engineers
– operational level marine engineers
– electricians with a lack of experience
– engineering cadets
– electrical engineering cadets
– anyone who is starting to work with switchgear starters.

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