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Performance Standards, 2020 Edition

Now available in e-book format The Performance Standards for Shipborne Radiocommunications and Navigational Equipment, 2020 edition provides mariners, administrations, shipowners and manufacturers with new and revised standards for the safe and secure communication and navigation of ships.

Under resolution A.825(19), and its superseding resolution A.886(21), the adoption of performance standards, as well as their amendments, has been performed by the Maritime Safety Committee on behalf of the International Maritime Organization.

The present edition includes consolidated updates and new requirements adopted up to October 2020, in particular, in the areas of:

►integrated navigation systems (INS)
► navigational displays
► navigation-related symbols, terms and abbreviations
► shipborne radionavigation receivers
► long-range identification and tracking of ships (LRIT)
► equipment for the reception of navigational and meteorological warnings and urgent information to ships (NAVTEX)
► enhanced group call (EGC) equipment
► ship earth stations for use in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
► emergency position-indicating radio beacons (EPIRB)