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As the maritime industry moves more towards digital technology, our range of navigational products can assist your vessel to remain compliant

during such transitional period. Admiralty currently provide the following products which are now fully established in the marketplace:


AVCS (Admiralty Vector Chart Service) – Global coverage of official ENC’s, fully approved as a replacement for paper charts when used with an ECDIS hardware system.

ADP (Admiralty Digital Publications) – The complete range of Radio Signals, Tide Tables and Light Lists compiled onto a single software package, with many value added features, and fully approved by the majority of flag states as a replacement for paper publications.

e-NP (Admiralty Electronic Nautical Publications) – The complete range of Sailing Directions/Pilot Books in an e-book format, with many more Admiralty NP’s also available, including NP100, NP294 etc.


All products are licensed for up to 1 year with multiple user logins allowing installation across multiple computers. For further enquiries about functionality, ordering or upgrading to our range of Admiralty digital products, get in touch with our team on 01542 841245 or email info@poseidonnavigation.com.