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An increase in internet access at sea will lead to an increased risk of suffering a cyber-attack, says a research report by Protection Vessels International.

However, if addressed correctly, this risk can be lowered to sit comfortably within the acceptable risk tolerance levels of an organisation.
Britain is a maritime nation. We depend on the sea to trade with others. Over 90% of the world’s trade goes by sea – this figure is 95% for the United Kingdom.
For those of you who are unaware, the UK Maritime Services Sector is worth the following to the UK economy:
– GBP 13.8 Billion contribution to UK GDP (0.9% overall).
– GBP 2.7 Billion in taxation revenue.
– 262,700 jobs (0.8% of total UK employment).
The maritime sector is a very competitive one.If there is a perceived lack of preparedness against all threat vectors, then a customer may very well choose to use a competitor. Can you really afford to lose a contract because of a lack of due diligence?…
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