+44 (0) 1542 841245 Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 08:30 – 17:00 customerservices@poseidonnavigation.com

Our Challenger support team are available 24/7 to assist with any software and digital product issues for all of our customers

who are operating in any location across the globe. The service is completely free of charge and can include:


– Help with Challenger installations, configurations and initial setups etc.

– Assistance with Challenger Instant Licensing and processing of Exchange sets for requested AVCS files.

– Help with any weekly updates sets to make sure vessel is always up to date with the latest NTM’s, Admiralty Digital Products & e-NP’s.

– Log file analysis, enabling our team to get to the root of any IT problem.

– Remote connection with your PC using Team Viewer, LogMeIn, JoinMe etc to solve any on-going issues.


Support can be contacted at any time by emailing ‘support@m-s-solutions.net’ and are always happy to help your vessels to get the very best out of Challenger and other digital products!