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During their Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC), starting from September 1st and ending on November 30, the two major Port State Control regimes – Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU – will focus on navigational safety.

The CIC especially aims at checking the compliance with Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS).

​The inspection campaign (CIC) will be carried out over a period of three months as part of routine Port State Control inspections.

The main purposes of this year’s campaign are the following:

  • On board navigation equipment must comply with current regulations, be furnished with valid certificates, and otherwise be duly documented.
  • Auxiliary equipment must be properly maintained and functioning.
  • The master and navigation officer must be capable of operating all bridge equipment, especially ECDIS.

On this context, the US Coast Guard reminded that where an ECDIS is being used to meet the chart carriage requirements of SOLAS, it should also be maintained so as to be compatible with the latest applicable International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards……(Read More) Source: Safety4sea