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The Maritime Progress ‘Vital Actions to be Taken On-board Survival Craft’ manual has been updated with the latest legislation, guidance and best practice.

It is often stated that your best survival craft is the ship you are on! However, if the time comes to abandon that ship your best chance of survival is to have a well-trained and knowledgeable ships complement.

The recently revised and reprinted survival booklet published by Maritime Progress contains information essential to survival if the time comes to abandon ship and take to a lifeboat or liferaft. This includes making effective use of the equipment provided and adopting the correct procedures.

The LSA Code Chapter IV requires survival craft to carry a survival manual with instructions on how to survive. The Maritime Progress survival Booklet (PB1201Z) is printed on waterproof material for storage in both lifeboats and liferafts and has been developed in accordance with IMO Resolution A.657(16) – Instructions for action in survival craft.

Contents List    
Section 1:    General Information
Section 2:    Survival Equipment and Rations Inventory
Section 3:    Initial Actions
Section 4:    Secondary Actions
Section 5:    Subsequent Actions
Section 6:    Rationing
Section 7:    Medical Equipment Inventory
Section 8:    First Aid and Emergency Treatment
Section 9:    Detection Equipment Inventory
Section 10:  Use of Detection Equipment
Section 11:  Detection, Rescue and Beaching

All crew members should be given the opportunity to read this book and be made aware of it as part of their Emergency Survival Training.  The book should also be read again as soon as possible on entering the survival craft and retained for reference by the survival craft leader.