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A Nautical Institute webinar

12:00 BST (UK time) on Thursday, 01 October 2020

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Aids to Navigation (AtoN) have been at the cutting edge of technology and innovation for centuries. From building lighthouses in the most inhospitable locations to crafting lenses that can transmit a beam of light from an oil lamp for many miles.

Today innovation continues, incorporating the implementation of e-Navigation, digitalization, autonomous shipping and resilient electronic positioning (PNT).

This webinar explores how the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) drives innovation, establishes international standards and supports training on a global basis. Get answers to these and other questions…

  • Where does the cutting edge of AtoN (visual and radio) currently lie?
  • What impact are eNavigation and Autonomous Shipping having on AtoN?
  • How does IALA work towards ensuring reliability?
  • What are the keys to global harmonisation?
  • What career opportunities are there within AtoN?