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Connectivity is the key enabler of smart shipping and the digital transformation in the maritime sector, said Jens Hedegaard Jensen, Sales Initiatives Director, maritime Sales EMEA, COBHAM, during an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA on the sidelines of Europort Conference in early November.

And looking in the future, it is important for shipping companies to ensure that there are always top-quality antennas onboard vessels, in order to support safety and leverage on the efficiencies and tangible savings offered by maritime connectivity.

Seen from a hardware antenna manufacturer, big data in satellite communication is all about making use of the connectivity, it is about getting a reliable antenna which makes sure that operators have uptime at all times onboard a vessel, according to Mr. Jensen.

“Get that reliable link. Many will tell you it is better to have an agnostic approach, we think it is even more important to have an antenna that will guarantee you uptime and continuity onboard your vessel.”

Further, a latest exciting ‘movement’ in maritime communications is Augmented Reality. On this context, Cobham is already looking on prototypes through a project that will be able to bring 3D glasses onboard vessels, so technicians can actually see in real life instructions on how to install or repair antennas.

Mr. Jensen provided three key points that operators should consider when it is about maritime connectivity:

  1. Technology: Make sure that there is always a reliable link onboard, so you can make best use of your smart shipping.
  2. Value: Make sure you are getting value from your money by choosing the best available hardware.
  3. Logistics: Ensure that once you have an antenna onboard, it will be serviceable and consider, is there a proper service network all over the world so that you can get staff when u need it?

Concluding, the main areas that drive the future of maritime communication, according to Mr. Jensen, are two…. (Read More) Source; https://www.safety4sea.com/maritime-connectivity-is-key-aspect-of-digitalization/